The section, which will grow in time, provides resources to support simulation-based health educators. Content that will soon be added will include training scenarios and inventories of available simulation equipment and space to support booking and sharing resources.

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Inventory of Nova Scotia’s Simulation Education Experts

The SimEd Network has created a comprehensive directory of qualified simulation-based health educators, primarily those who have taken the IMS, SLIIC courses or an equivalent program. The inventory is designed to help connect one another and guide people to the right experts based on their question or need. It also demonstrates our vast and diverse expertise and how our simulation education capacity has grown over the past couple of years.

The document will be updated as our capacity and expertise grow and change.

Download the document here: Simulation Education Qualified Faculty Directory

If a qualified simulation educator is missing from this list, or information should be updated, please contact

Inventory of Simulation Equipment

The SimEd Network thanks its partners the IWK Health Center, the Nova Scotia Health Authority (QEII Simulation program), the Dalhousie Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Health (Nursing) for taking the time to provide the information in this equipment inventory.

It is only when this information is compiled in one location that the variety and state of the equipment available to faculty and learners becomes apparent.

The SimEd Network is pleased to be able to showcase its partner’s considerable assets.

This document will be updated as new equipment is procured and old equipment is retired.

Download the document here: SimEd Network Equipment Inventory

Please direct any questions related to simulation equipment to

Inter-Professional Education Simulation


QEII's Simulation Program 2018 Annual Report

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